Cleaning: Where are the Forest Friends When You Need Them?

I love Disney movies. The catchy tunes, the fun animation, and the fact that there is a world where humming a "happy little working song" and "whistling while you work", brings forth an army of cute forest creatures that clean your house in a matter of minutes.

Reality. The only creatures that I have in my house are the ones that make the messes or have made the unfortunate choice of coming out in the daylight and find themselves on the bottom of my shoe (I live in the South. Palmetto Bugs are a real thing. Ick.)

For my house, August means the start of school, and thanks to COVID, this year is more stressful than usual. With school start dates not syncing with my back to work start date and my husbands full-time working from home status not changing, cue my panic.

After having a minor meltdown, I did what I do to calm down. I made a detailed and organized list. I brainstormed what needed to be done in order to maintain control of our house in the crazy season that is back to school. I am convinced that that if we actually do and stick with the following tasks, we will not only survive but also maintain a touch of sanity in the process.

Task 1 - Cleaning (Blah!)

I would love nothing more than to be able to hire a person or company to come clean my house, it's just not in the budget. Instead, when we follow this simple regime created by cleanmama, paired with her daily pick-up tasks , our house remains in a state of manageable chaos instead of complete and utter disarray.

They say it takes a village, and I feel that goes for our online community as well. I'll be sharing the rest of my "Sanity Saving" tips over the next month in hopes they help your home all as they have helped mine.

Leave a comment and let me know what you do to help keep your house clean and organized in the midst of work and school.

Disney= Magic What I would look like if magical creatures

came and cleaned my house.

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