Writing my Way to a New York Times Best Seller (Hopefully)

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Did you ever have a dream that was so big that you let the insecurity monster inside of you tell you that it wasn't possible? That there was no way you could succeed? That's how I was with writing. To date I have started at least 5 novels, and I have "finished" two (in the process of self-editing, they aren’t quite “self-publishing” ready yet) but I had no idea what to do with them.

Enter God and a friend. I had mentioned this bucket list feat to a friend during a catch-up conversation and a day later she sent me a link for hope*writers. (I'd just like to interject and say, isn't it a great feeling when you get a text from a friend who sends you a meme or article just because it made them think of you?)

I had never even heard hope*writers but I am a firm believer that when you have been praying for guidance and a helping hand appears out of nowhere, God is giving you affirmation that now is probably a good time to act on your prayer.

I am now officially a hope*writer (I need a t-shirt. I LOVE t-shirts with cute quotes or companies that I feel passionate about!)! Thanks to the wonderful and helpful community, I found out that I know absolutely nothing about the publishing process!!! I am going to spare you the details, but in short, in case you were wondering, you do not simply send in your manuscript into a publishing house and get published (you're shocked too, right? :) ).

While I write my way to the next New York Times Best Seller (why dream if you don't dream big?) I am exercising my creative juices with this blog, and doing what I love best, writing about things I am passionate about! So come on along for my writing journey, and I'll be sure to keep you entertained and informed with the in's and out's of what it takes to write a book and (hopefully!) become published.

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