Novel News

Writing and Following

The "Hallmark" Type Novel- This one has been my baby for two years. I am in the process of self-editing for the 150th time and the hope is to self-publish sooner than later!!! 

The Young Adult Novel- This novel I have been working on for five years. Full of time traveling, a bond of friendship, first loves, and fighting to preserve what is right and sacred, I am so excited to start the self-editing process as soon as my "Hallmark" type novel is complete!

Who I'm following on Instagram

Here are a few of my favorite people on Instagram:

@BubblySesh (Hallmark, Hallmark, Hallmark!)

@Modern_Honey (Melissa Stadler, winner of a Hallmark baking contest and posts amazing foods and recipes)

@readswithrosie (Bookstagrammer from San Diego!)

@adashofmegnut (a Celiac/Gluten-Free food blogger!)

@karenvart (her art work is amazing)

Any and all Hallmark handles and actors/actresses :)

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